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New in V2: Explore the CryptoWorld and fight with your cards!

New in V2: Explore the CryptoWorld and fight with your cards!

__Published on Jul 26, 2019

Here comes another news about what will come with V2! Mission System will be completely changed for a giant Crypto World to explore!

Hi Guys, how's it going? As promised, here his the second part of the news about CMG V2!

Mission System replaced by Crypto-World

Here you can check a preview of the new World System : https://postimg.cc/9rDvYMsv

Even if it can be pretty fun to click, wait, claim, open chest, click, wait, open chest, etc... It might also be a little boring. So we have decided to change the mission system for something really more fun to play!

Within the Crypto-World, your character will be able to explore a persistent world to find rewards! World size will depends on the amount of players. Each player will be displayed somewhere and will be able to move to get rewards or directly send their drone!

Crypto War will begin!

As you can see, development of Crypto Mining War take a huge time... This is for 2 main reasons; Time consuming and financials. Character design and UI design cost a lot of money and we have to do it little by little. So...

In the Crypto-World of CMG, you will be able to:

  • Attack other players with your Card's deck (already buildable in the My Cards page) and steal from them Cryptos and ingame stuff (Crystals, Crypto Coinz, Cards...).
  • Send ingame resources to other players
  • Explore any place in the world to find rewards and more!

All these possibilities will be available with the V2 and we will also add more features linked to the Crypto World, possibilities are really fun and large!

VMP Rewards

Depending on the VMP members actions in the World, VMP will get fun rewards regularly! You will be able to see the pending rewards in your VMP details.

I remind you that, if you like the game, you can support us thanks to our Patreon page and get some fun rewards,including 100 Cyborg cards (offer until 31, July)! Currently you can also win this Magical Bitcoin Playing Cards!

More infos will come soon so stay tuned!

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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