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Spacebit - The Crypto Space Strategy Web Game

Spacebit is a Crypto Space Strategy Game! Develop your planet(s), Expand your Galactic Empire and earn BTC & KSK while playing!

Spacebit, a Crypto Space Strategy Web Game

The Ultimate Space Strategy Game has arrived in the Crypto-World! With Spacebit, Expand your Galactic Empire and earn BTC & KSK while playing!

Choose one of the 3 Species

The Zerk

From the Abysses of a mysterious black hole, Zerk creatures have surged to conquer the galaxy!

  • 5% research time reduction
  • 5% Spy chances bonus
I am Zerk!

The Tauran

The Tauran species is the oldest and wisest in the galaxy, but peace has a cost!

  • 5% Construction time reduction
  • 5% Shield bonus
I am Tauran!

The Piratis

Piratis are typically the pirates of space. A very dangerous species not to meet!

  • 5% Ship's build time reduction
  • 2% Damage bonus
I am Piratis!



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