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CMG V2.8 - Characters Challenges & Gems System update

CMG V2.8 - Characters Challenges & Gems System update

Publicado en Jan 04, 2023

Check out what changes in CMG V2.8: New Characters Challenges, Gems system update and more!

Happy New Year

Dear players, this news is a great occasion to wish you a Happy New Year 2023! May this year be healthy and full of love for you and your family!

CMG V2.8, a slight transition

With this update, we wish to slightly transform the way of earning in Crypto Mining Game. With ULTERA online upcoming this year, the most valuable assets to get in-game within the next months are CGT and NFT cards. Indeed, remember that CGT ERC20 Token will be converted to WOHWUR, the native ERC20 token of ULTERA online, that will be listed on Exchange, and so tradable and saleable. Also, the possession of NFT cards already gives numerous benefits in-game and can be traded as well on platforms such as OpenSea for MATIC or Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) (Polygon Network).

Globally, players will earn slightly less Cryptoz and Gems, but far more CGT, CryptoCoinz, and Cards, allowing it to be easier to reach a card level 15 and claim NFTs, as well as withdraw CGT and hold them for ULTERA.


Gems System update


From the next season, the gems will be collectible through the Mercenary Missions. The distribution will occur at the same time as usual and will not be sent directly to the player account but to a personal pool of gems. the total amount of Daily Gems will now be based on Active players (Active players X 100), and the repartition will be more equitable: 50% equally, 20% from VP, 20% from Energy Boost, and 10% from HPower. the Elite Gems will be fixed and come in addition to that (Elite 1 => 10 daily, Elite 2 => 20 daily, Elite 3 => 50 daily, Elite 4 => 100 daily, Elite 5 => 200 daily, elite 5+ Ultimate => 500 daily).

At every Mercenary Missions' search, 2 missions will contain Gems as rewards. Completing the mission will trigger the Gems to be credited to the player. If the mission is not complete, the Gems will not be lost as it's deducted only on Mission's completion.

The personal pool of Gems will be available until the subsequent distribution, where still 20% of the remaining Gems will be preserved.

Characters' Challenges


Players will now be able to complete Character's challenge and earn an amazing amount of CGT, Victory Points, and CryptoCoinz from them! In addition, the top player of each Character Class will earn 1000 CGT at the end of the season!

This allows us to introduce part of ULTERA online in CMG and add a new fun feature to the overall gameplay. Also, Stats will remain for each player and it will be possible to know what kind of gameplay you might prefer (more Mercenary?, Hacker?...)

CGT Boost


The CGT earnings from Mining will be highly boosted by the new CGT Boost! It will increase the CGT Mining rate by up to 25 per month! (+10 CGT at 1000 HPower, Elite Boost up to +10, Season Pass Boost +5).

The CGT Boost will be visible on the Mining page - CGT section.


the SPY becomes HACK! Not a major change, but more accurate with the game universe. Also, you will now be able to Earn CryptoCoinz from a successful Hack!