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New Update V1.10 : Introducing Mining Boost and more!

New Update V1.10 : Introducing Mining Boost and more!

Publicado en Apr 04, 2019

Hey Guys! In this new update, we have upgraded some features like Mining process with Mining Boost, Get Hpower and Premium subscription, and we are preparing the field for Crypto Mining War!

Hi Guys!

First and as you can see, it's nice to be able to work without Hack attempts or DDOS attack (Edit: One has started while I'm writing XD), we have very much more time to work on dev and so we can go on with the features we've planned to create!

What's New?

In this new update, we have perform a lot of minor improvements we won't detail, but here are the main new features and upgrades :

Introducing Mining Boost!

Mining Boost has arrived! : With Mining Boost, you will now be able to mine for more time!

You can use up to 10 Mining Boosts per Mining process! You will see the Mining Boosts in the Mining page, right under the Hpower.

Each Mining Boost cost your level in Crystals (ex. at level 15, Mining cost you 15 Crystals, using 1 Mining Boost will cost you 15 more Crystals, etc.).

Each Mining Boost will increase the total Mining Time depending on your level! Ex. At level 15 with 10 Mining Boost you can Mine 27h30 ( 2h30 + 10 X 2h30)!

Where to find the Mining Boost?

Mining Boost can now be found in different ways : In mission's bonus, in chests (silver and gold), in the daily bonus, while Getting more Hpower and in the boost section sometime with Special offer!

Get Hpower Section updated!

Get Hpower section has been updated to be more user friendly and you can now get in bonus Crystals, Crypto Coinz, Mining Boost and Awesome Cards Chests!


Premium Subscription

Non-premium users can now become easily premium with interresting bonus, like Free Patron level 2 up to 30 days, Awesome Cards Chests, Crystals, Crypto Coinz and


Crypto Mining War Page

We have added the Crypto Mining War page. This will be the game room where you will be able to play the game once it will be launched. First beta version is reserved for Patron, so don't hesitate to check it and subscribe if you like the idea of the game and want to help us!


Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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