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Next update CMG v2.2 - Major Update on Mining and Withdraw system

Next update CMG v2.2 - Major Update on Mining and Withdraw system

Publicado en Feb 19, 2021

Dear players, please check this news to know more about this major update on Crypto Mining Game regarding the Virtual Mining and Withdraw system.

Dear players,

As you sure have noticed, cryptocurrencies have a real success those past few months. Even if this is a great news for all crypto-enthousiasts as we are, this trends has unfortunately seriously impacted Crypto Mining Game.

Since October 2020, Bitcoins, Dogecoins and other cryptos have increased by up to more than 500%. In the same time, Advertising revenue of the game have not changed, in fact they have lowered...

For that reason, we need to do something in order to preserve the financial security of the game and the company. That update will initialy scheduled for V3, but we can't wait any longer. You'll find out right below details of this update 2.2 which will be done no later than 2d, March 2021.

First, be assured that you will keep your ingame balance safe. Only inactive players (players not logged in since more than 3 months) might see their balances readjusted to the rate of the day of their last game activity, while they've received game stuff for the inconvenience.

Cryptocurrencies will change to game currencies

All the real cryptocurrencies of Crypto Mining Game (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum & Bitcoin Cash) will be converted to dummy coinz as you can see in the screenshot below. All of these will have the same value indexed in the USD, where 100 worth 0.01$ :

Your ingame balance will be adjusted according to this. For exemple, if you have 2000 satoshi (0.00002 BTC, which is worth ~1$ at current rate), your balance after the update will be 10 000 Bitz (also worth 1$). This major update will allow us to control the Cryptocurrencies volatility.

Base Mining rates will also been changed to a basis of 1 / Hpower / Week, which is pretty much the same as today. This base rate will be up by your cards bonus, among others. In order to keep a fun on that, those rates will be regularly changed with a random factor of -10%/+10% for each.

Hardware upgrade in the Workshop

You will be able to have Mining Hardware and work on it in the Workshop. Each Hardware is based on a different algorithm and will give you a bonus on one or more Game Currencies Mining.

Convert Coinz in HPower instantly

Withdraw to Hpower will be moved from the Withdraw page to the bottom of the Mining page, where you will be able to directly convert your Coinz to HPower, without any confirmation needed.

Exemple of a new Account Balance

New Withdraw System explained

First, current pending withdraw requests will be all refunded to the ingame balance of the players. Ingame stuff like Crates, cards and more will be sent in compensation.

New Withdraw system will be based on a revenue share and will concern one different cryptocurrency each week. Week 1 -> Bitz to Bitcoin, Week 2 -> Dogz to Dogecoin, Week 3 -> Litz to Litecoin, and so on. On every monday, Players who apply for a withdraw will be drawn at random until reaching the revenue share, which is currently set to a minimum of 250$. This is a minimum which will be shared among multiple players withdrawals and so represent more than 1000$ per month sent to CMG players. It can be increased during a week if the game revenue can afford it. Payouts will then be processed the day after on every tuesday.

Players who have not been drawn will be fully refunded their coinz with additional ingame rewards (Crates, Cards, Crystal, etc.) ; they will have an additional chance for their next withdraw attempt, meaning that the more a player does not succeed to withdraw, the more he will have a chance to succeed next time.

If not all of this amount is share, remaining amount of the previous week will be transferred to the next week one.


We know that this update couldn't be a good one for some of you. We can assure you that this is really affecting us as well. We've always expect CMG to be a fun multiplayer game and that's still the way we want to take.

You will surely have many questions on that new system and it is our duty to answer them. That's why a FAQ video will be published on Youtube, based on all of the most pertinent questions you'll ask. You can ask your questions in our Discord server - Some might be answered directly, some other will be selected for the FAQ video. Please, be kind with the Discord moderators, they are players like you and not responsible of anything regarding the game development in that situation.


This major update should have occurs in the V3 of Crypto Mining Game, where we are preparing lots of wonderful game improvements. We have always been listening to our players and will continue to do so. It's you, CMG players, who make the game lives, and we sincerely thank you for that.

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