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The Miner of Crypto Mining Game


We will often updates this FAQ with many more informations and frequently asked questions.

Mining rates are calculated from 2 factors:

- Prices of the Crypto-currencies compared to USD

- Ads revenue of the website

Rates give a certain amount of revenue share, shared among all Active players.

It is always adjusted.

Please remember that Crypto Mining Game is a game, don't except to win fortune here, but getting some cryptos while having fun is pretty great, right! ;)

For Virtual Mining

Crystal is used to mine. Each time you click in a "MINE" button, you will pay amount of Crystals depends on your level (level 1: 1 Crystal, level 2: 2 Crystals, level 3: 3 Crystals...).

Each Crystal used to MINE represents 10 minutes of mining. So, for exemple, at level 12, you will be able to mine for 120 min (2 hours) without interruptions. After that, mining will stop and you will need to reactivate it by clicking again in the MINE button

In Crypto World

Crystal, a Graphene based alloy, has become in the past 50 years the main source of energy for most devices! You'll need it for just about everything, especially for mining and sending your drones around the crypto-world!

To send your drones in world missions, you'll Crystals required by their engines propulsion. The more the distance is, the more it will cost Crystals.

Moving your player don't cost any crystal.

Shop and Gifts

You can also use Crystal to get Gift tickets and purchase some items in the Shop!

No, it's not possible to mine many currencies at same time.

Since CMG V2, Hpower is unlimited. All Hpower until 1000 is usefull to mine all Coins. The total Hpower, including above 1000, is usefull to mine CryptoGamesToken, the new ERC20 Token of Crypto Mining Game. A dedicated page will be created about it, where you will be able to get more info and find out what you can do with it. CMG is working on many partnerships to make this token as much usefull as possible.

Player can convert his Potcoin, Bitcore and Peercoin balance to Satoshi in the Withdraw page. The button is right under the player's addresses. It only appears if player has a balance superior to 0.

Victory Points are points you get when you attack other players with your cards deck. Total of the Victory Points you have give you a rank. You can check the World rank in the Crypto Mining War page. Every 5th of each month, highest ranked players will be rewarded.

To avoid bot usage and abuse of our website, we have put in the website some tracker that can detect a strange behavior on your account activity.

All the PENDING withdraw have to be APPROVED before the payout to be sent.

So if your Withdraw is UNDER REVIEW, you have to wait the administrator to check your account to approve it manually.

If your account has been detected as :

  • BOT USAGE : Depending on the gravity, your withdraw can be refund at 80% or just cancelled without any ability of reclamation.
  • MULTI-ACCOUNT (> 3 per ip) : Depending on the gravity, your withdraw can be refund at 80% or just cancelled without any ability of reclamation.

UNDER REVIEW Withdraw can take more than 3 months to be checked.

It seems you use AD BLOCKER, who doesn't?

This faucet game is based and stay alive thanks to the advertising. Please disable AD Blocker and refresh the page in order to be able to play.

CRYPTO MINING GAME thank you for your comprehension and wish you good profit using this game!