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Faucet list

Image Name Timer Max per claim (in satoshi) Options
BITCOIN faucet BIG BTC WIN BIG BTC WIN 10 min ~ 200.00000000
BITCOIN faucet Bit Fun Bit Fun 3 min ~ 120.00000000
BITCOIN faucet Bonus Bitcoin Bonus Bitcoin 15 min ~ 36.00000000
BITCOIN faucet BtcForEveryone BtcForEveryone 60 min ~ 80.00000000
BITCOIN faucet HOT COINS HOT COINS 10 min ~ 15.00000000
BITCOIN faucet Moon Bitcoin Moon Bitcoin 5 min ~ 109.00000000
BITCOIN faucet PotionCoin PotionCoin 1 min ~ 500.00000000
BITCOIN faucet Satoshi Wars Satoshi Wars 1 min ~ 8.00000000
BITCOIN faucet SatoshiQuiz SatoshiQuiz 1 min ~ 100.00000000
BITCOIN faucet Speedup Bitcoin Faucet Speedup Bitcoin Faucet 10 min ~ 37.00000000

Image Name Timer Max per claim (in satoshi) Options
DOGECOIN faucet 60 min ~ 5.00000000
DOGECOIN faucet Moon Dogecoin Moon Dogecoin 5 min ~ 4.45000000
DOGECOIN faucet Speedup Dogecoin Faucet Speedup Dogecoin Faucet 10 min ~ 1.60000000

Image Name Timer Max per claim (in satoshi) Options
LITECOIN faucet 60 min ~ 10000.00000000
LITECOIN faucet Moon LiteCoin Moon LiteCoin 5 min ~ 9473.00000000
LITECOIN faucet Speedup Litecoin Faucet Speedup Litecoin Faucet 10 min ~ 3500.00000000

Image Name Timer Max per claim (in satoshi) Options
DASH faucet Moon Dash Moon Dash 5 min ~ 1227.00000000


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