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Earn up to 0.2 BTC each hour on faucet! Plus, earn 4.08% annually on the satoshis you've earned!

What's is one of the first Bitcoin Faucets that created a great community behind it and has survived most of the other faucets. Here you can Roll a number each 60 minutes and based on the number you can win from 7 satoshis up to 0.02 Bitcoins!

Not only that, after you've earned more than 30,000 satoshis, Freebitcoin will give you an interest accrued on the amount you have on their website! Currently, they are offering an amazing 4.08% annually.

There are lots to do around the main claim, for example you can play on Multiply BTC to earn more or go to Betting and there are lots of bets to choose from, there is a monthly lottery where you can get more than 0.3 BTC!

There is a wagering and referral contest so you can even earn more, and there are also rewards that you can exchange for Reward Points. You get these by rolling the number and from your referrals.

And that's not everything, you will also earn 50% of the base prize on referral claims, 0.40% of the amount your referrals bet and you will also get 1 free lottery ticket and 1 reward point for every claim they make!

Conclusion is a very nice faucet to play, give the least amount of friction to get the claim, has lots of things around to earn more, it gives you interest based on the BTC you hold in there and best of all, you can withdraw to any wallet you want without restrictions! So don't wait and Try Now!