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Moon LiteCoin

Moon LiteCoin is a LiteCoin faucet where you choose the time you want to claim (minimum 5 minutes). One of the must have LiteCoin faucet!

What exactly is Moon Litecoin?

Moon Litecoin is a Litecoin Faucet where you can make a captcha-based claim each 5 minutes and you can get lots of bonuses and gain Litoshis!

There are two types of captcha you can solve; either image captcha or text captcha!

Bonuses in Moon Litecoin!

There are 3 amazing bonuses that can get your reward a big boost!

Daily Loyalty Bonus: for each 24 hours that you make a consecutive claim, this bonus can increase up to a 100% so you will be getting double the reward, just for playing every day!

Referral Bonus: besides a whopping 25% lifetime commission on all referral claims, for every referral that you have, you can also increase this bonus up to a 100%!

Mystery Bonus: Besides the 300% that you can make, this faucet game also gives you a mystery bonus, that can go from 1 to 100% for additional litoshis!


Moon Litecoin is the easiest faucet game and provides two options for captchas! Register is quick and simple! Claim everytime you want, increase all your bonuses and your Satoshi will skyrocket. They are directly credited to your CoinPot account! So don't wait and Try Moon Litecoin Now!


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