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WNous mettons souvent à jour cette FAQ avec d'avantage d'information sur les questions fréquemment posées.

Before 1000 Hpower, Mining rate is calculated from a logarithm base. For each HPower you own, a calculation is done to know what's the amount of currency to increase. The more your Hpower is near 1000, the less the amount increase. We have also a logBase variable which vary depends on BTC/USD and Ad networks strength.

This way, beginners are more encouraged, as mining rate at start is very low, but it increase in a significative way while Hpower grow.

For the scholar ones, here's the algorithm:

var i an integer, hpower a float, logBase a float, hourRate a float, adjust a float
for i = 1, i <= hpower and i <= 1000
adjust = log(i, 1000)^logBase
hourHRate = hourRate + hrate * ( (1-adjust) / 1 )
i next
end for

From 1000 Hpower, Mining rate is linear, so 1 HPower correspond to the index performance you can see in the mining page. (ex. for 100 Hpower above 1000, I will mine Litoshi performance index 3.5 * 100 = 350 Litoshi per hour for that 100 HPower + my first 1000 HPower mining rate.

To understand better how much you can get from mining, you can check the Mining Stats page bellow :


Crystal is used to mine. Each time you click in a "MINE" button, you will pay amount of Crystals depends on your level (level 1: 1 Crystal, level 2: 2 Crystals, level 3: 3 Crystals...).

Each Crystal used to MINE represents 10 minutes of mining. So, for exemple, at level 12, you will be able to mine for 120 min (2 hours) without interruptions. After that, mining will stop and you will need to reactivate it by clicking again in the MINE button

It will also be usefull for many features to come.

No, it's not possible to mine many currencies at same time.

Yes! You can do it to hugely increase your earnings. To do so, just click the MINE button of the currency you want to mine. After that, you can leave the page and go to the "Mining for real" page to mine.

You need to keep the Real mining window open in order to keep the real mining working.

Crystal is the main unit to use in order to mine. You can find Crystal by doing mission, playing and winning lottery, or complete surveys and offers.

You have a random 50% chance to earn crystal when doing mission, so it's normal that sometime you on't get any. The more missions you make and claim, the more crystals you can earn.

Be aware that you can do any number of mission at the same time. If you have difficulties to get enough crystals, keep it up and with an higher level, there won't be any problem anymore.

There can be many reasons that you have not receive the Hpower after a deposit :

- If you have well received a notification confirming your deposit is processing, wait until the transaction is confirmed by the network and confirmed by our payment provider.

- If you have not receive a notification, so you certainly have sent a wrong amount. In this case, you'll have to send to our ingame support the transaction id, the coin name and the amount sent. After checking, the Hpower will be manually credited to your account.

- Be aware that in case of wrong amount sent, support process can take up to 2-3 weeks. Once you have sent the requested informations, please be patient and there's no need to send it twice.

To avoid bot usage and abuse of our website, we have put in the website some tracker that can detect a strange behavior on your account activity.

All the PENDING withdraw have to be APPROVED before the payout to be sent.

So if your Withdraw is UNDER REVIEW, you have to wait the administrator to check your account to approve it manually.

If your account has been detected as :

  • BOT USAGE : Depending on the gravity, your withdraw can be refund at 80% or just cancelled without any ability of reclamation.
  • MULTI-ACCOUNT (> 3 per ip) : Depending on the gravity, your withdraw can be refund at 80% or just cancelled without any ability of reclamation.

UNDER REVIEW Withdraw can take more than 3 months to be checked.

It seems you use AD BLOCKER, who doesn't?

This faucet game is based and stay alive thanks to the advertising. Please disable AD Blocker and refresh the page in order to be able to play.

CRYPTO MINING GAME thank you for your comprehension and wish you good profit using this game!