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Crystal and CryptoCoinz Vault - Attack all players with VP superior to 0

Publié le Dec 16, 2019

Here's a quick update! Know more about Crystal and CryptoCoinz Vault! Players with no deck can be attacked IF they have some Victory Points!

New Update!

- You can now attack all players with Victory Points superior to 0 even if the concerned player has no deck set up! This will avoid some abuse and help you find more players to attack! A random deck will be generated for the attacked player, be careful, that does not mean an easy win! ;)

- You have now Crystal Vault and CryptoCoinz Vault. Players won't be able to take your Crystals and CryptoCoinz from your Vaults! Vault amounts are "Your level X 100" for Crystals and "Your level X 200" for CryptoCoinz!
Ex. If you are at level 15, your Crystal Vault can hold 1500 Crystals and your CryptoCoinz Vault can hold 3000 CryptoCoinz. If a player attack you, your Crystal and CryptoCoinz balance won't go beyond your Vault amount.

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Vaults will soon be visible in your account, but it's already set up in Battle!

Enjoy and Have fun!

Jamboom, CMG owner.


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