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CMG V2.6 - UI improvements and more!

CMG V2.6 - UI improvements and more!

Pubblicato in Jan 25, 2022

CMG V2.6 will be released on 26th, January 2022. Read this news to know more!

Dear players,

The CMG V2.6 Update will be released on 26th, January 2022. As we have performed major changes to the game, this update will start between 1 PM and 3 PM GMT and should last up to 4 hours.

Here are some details about what will change:

UI/UX improvements

As you surely know, we are working hard on CMG V3. Improving the existing UI (User interface) and UX (User experience) of the player is a major priority of this update as we'll be able to use some of these in our V3 code.


This also gives us the opportunity to add new ways of earning/spending energy. Energy is the main resource in-game. Like you spend energy in real life, energy should be used for pretty much everything requiring a physical action. But what about Intellectual actions? That's for V3 ;) Meanwhile, while you'll spend more energy in-game, here is how you'll earn far more energy:


This "energy max" has always been something quite tricky to understand. In CMG V2.6, it will be completely removed and your max energy will be simply YOUR LEVEL X 100!

I.E. for a player level 20:
Before 2.6: ENERGY 2000/200 (max 2000) - After 2.6: ENERGY 2000/2000


In CMG V2.6, the automatic energy refill will remain every 10 minutes, but the amount will correspond to your level! In addition, the manual refill will be instant and will no longer require the AntiSpyware check (moved to mini-games), same as the automatic refill, the amount will correspond to your level!

One more thing! The automatic refill of energy will occur until your new energy max will be reached, meaning LEVEL X 100 instead of the previous LEVEL X 10

I.E. for a player level 20, every 10 minutes:
Before 2.6: +10 auto & +10 manually after completing the Antispyware check - After 2.6: +20 auto & +20 manually and instantly
Before 2.6: Auto-refill up to 200 - After 2.6: Auto-refill up to 2000


We know there was lots of energy lost from the Energy Boost... In CMG V2.6, the Energy Boost will no longer be credited automatically to the player. Instead, you'll see a new button near your avatar. You'll then be able to boost your energy with your Energy Boost on-demand every 6 hours!

I.E. for a player level 20 with an Energy boost of 100:
Before 2.6: +100 automatically every day, regardless of the current player's energy - After 2.6: +100 energy on-demand every 6 hours


Currently, Elite members receive some Energy drinks every Monday, the amount depending on the Elite level. In CMG V2.6, Elite members will be able to overload their energy every 4 hours: 100 for Elite 1, 200 for Elite 2, 500 for Elite 3, 1000 for Elite 4 & 2000 for Elite 5! The energy drinks will no longer be sent every Monday, but the amount of energy earned from elite membership will be far more interesting. Other Elite benefits won't change (Crates, Crystals and CryptoCoinz, Boost, etc.).

I.E. for a player level 20 and Elite 3:
Before 2.6: +500 energy every Monday - After 2.6: +500 energy on-demand every 4 hours

New Job: Seek cards!


In CMG V2.6, a new job will be available: Seek Cards! Using it, players will be able to find some cards while doing their job!

Since 2061, The Trading Card Game Crypto Mining War is an important part of Crypto-World Entertainment! Seeking cards can be a lucrative activity!

New Skill: Gaming


According to the new job "Seek Cards", players will be able to train a new skill: the Gaming Skill!

Black Market


In CMG V2.6, a new section "Black Market" will be under the Trade menu. There, players will be able to search for customized black market offers; 3 per day will be available using energy, then extra searches will be possible using Gems. Those Black Market offers are unique to the player! There are 5 new offers at each search, expiring after 4 hours. We plan to go up to 10 per search, with better customization, in a near future.



In CMG V2.6, we have completely reworked the Mining Room page UI to be more user-friendly. Also, as an important update, we have decided to reduce the mining time per level from 10 to 5 minutes per level, meanwhile, the Hardware upgrades will now increase the mining time as well. We think that this update will valorize the Mining boost, which was pretty useless at a certain level.

Also, you will receive an automatic in-game message when the Mining process ends! This way, you'll be sure not to miss any time!

I.E. for a player level 20 (no hardware or cards bonus):
Before 2.6: Mining process last 200 minutes - After 2.6: Mining process last 100 minutes; player get an in-game message when it's time to launch a new one.



In CMG V2.6, you'll see some minor improvements in Workshop, especially the possibility to check at a first look if you have enough resources to upgrade your drones, hardware, or craft any item. If you're missing some, hovering over the item with your mouse will tell you the amount you need to find, pretty convenient!


Screen-Shot-01-25-22-at-06-18-PM Screen-Shot-01-25-22-at-06-19-PM

In CMG V2.6, the World UI has been highly improved. We have moved all the actions panels to the top right corner, where a simple click on any button will show you the requested information. As this is a major change, this will surely be subject to a dedicated News and Youtube video.


In CMG V2.6, new mini-games will be available: Miner Run will be back after a long time, Virus Invasion, where you'll spare your virus to defeat the opponent, and ASIC Dump, a new Scratch card game!


A final word to say thank you for playing CMG! We really hope this V2.6 update will please you and make Crypto Mining Game even more fun to play! Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to come to our Discord to share your thoughts, useful advice is always welcome! ;)

Remember, CMG v2.6 will be released on 26th, January. The update will start between 1 PM and 3 PM GMT and will last up to 4 hours. We'll keep you posted on Discord/Twitter about it! ;)


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