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Facebook Challenge! Win up to 2 Millions Satoshi!

Facebook Challenge! Win up to 2 Millions Satoshi!

Veröffentlicht auf Jan 19, 2019

Win up to 2 Millions Bitcoin Satoshi by Helping us to promote the KickStarter Campaign for the Crypto-Game Crypto Mining War!

Up to 2 Millions Satoshis to Win!

Hi guys! We need your help to reach our goals with the KickStarter campaign we are about to launch! Win up to 2 Millions Satoshis (Bitcoin Satoshi yer) and thousands of chests!

How to participate?

  1. Participate to the main Facebook Event on this page : https://www.facebook.com/events/276947522959569/
  2. Create your own Facebook Event and make this event start on 5th, February at 4PM GMT. Make it public to reach more people and this Event has to talk about the Crypto Mining War KickStarter Campaign! You have to use this banner for the event's image : https://ibb.co/m9ZkHQD
  3. Send us the link of the Event's page you've just created by email at [email protected] (this email will not be used for anything else).
  4. Invite all your friends and more! Be the one who reach the biggest amount of participants and win the Jackpot of 2 Millions Satoshi!

Sharing the Event will not work, you have to create your own event to participate. How to create a facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/help/210413455658361?helpref=about_content

Main Prices

  1. 2 000 000 Satoshi and 10 Awesome Cards Chests!
  2. 1 000 000 Satoshi and 9 Awesome Cards Chests!
  3. 500 000 Satoshi and 8 Awesome Cards Chests!
  4. 200 000 Satoshi and 7 Awesome Cards Chests!
  5. 100 000 Satoshi and 6 Awesome Cards Chests!
  6. 50 000 Satoshi and 5 Awesome Cards Chests!
  7. 20 000 Satoshi and 4 Awesome Cards Chests!
  8. 10 000 Satoshi and 3 Awesome Cards Chests!
  9. 5 000 Satoshi and 2 Awesome Cards Chests!
  10. 2 000 Satoshi and 1 Awesome Cards Chest!

Goal Prices

In addition of the main winners, I guess almost all users will be able to win :

  • Get at least 20 event's participants : 100 Satoshi!
  • Get at least 100 event's participants : 500 Satoshi and 1 Awesome Cards Chest!
  • Get at least 200 event's participants : 1000 Satoshi 2 Awesome Cards Chest!
  • Get at least 500 event's participants : 2000 Satoshi 3 Awesome Cards Chest!
  • Get at least 1000 event's participants : 5000 Satoshi 5 Awesome Cards Chest!
  • Get at least 10000 event's participants : 10000 Satoshi 10 Awesome Cards Chest!

2 days after the campaign starts, so on 7th, February at 4PM GMT, we will check all the Facebook Events (link that you have to send us by email) to determine the winners!

Good luck to all!

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