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Card Design Contribution!

Card Design Contribution!

Опубликовано на сайте Apr 28, 2020

You are an illustrator? Like Magic the Gathering, Crypto Mining War Trading Card Game is now open to contributions of external artists!

Crypto Mining War, the Trading Card Game is building something amazing around the Crypto-World and you can be even more a part of it!

If you are an artist / illustrator, you can have your illustration published as a new Crypto Mining War Trading Card. This card will be displayed in the Web Game (this website - cryptomininggame.com) AND printed as a card of the Trading Card Game Crypto Mining War (available for sale in less than a month!).

How to get this chance?!

To do so, it's simple, just respect the following rules:

- Illustration has to be your own creation and has to fit the Crypto Mining War Universe ( Cryptos, Scifi, Cyberpunk,... you got it ;) ).

- Illustration has to be numeric, a picture of a drawing on paper won't work.

- Minimum resolution of the illustration has to be 1280x1150 (Higher resolution is highly recommanded to be selected).

To participate, send us your illustration / drawing by email to [email protected]. If you join a little background story of your Card, it's awesome!

Any email received to this address which is out of subject will simply be ignored, or even blacklisted if necessary (no support answer there, for that, go to the Discord https://discord.gg/nQZvqwe - it's fun there  ^^ ).

I've sent my card design, then what?

If your card design is selected, you will be contacted by email for further informations.

- You will also get a price of 30$ (PayPal or Crypto-currencies).

- You will get your credit at the bottom of the card for LIFETIME!! Yer, forever, your name / brand will be on the card design which will be displayed in the web game and printed for the Trading Card Game to be shipped all over the world!

Wish you the best!

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