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Crypto Mining Game Update V0.99!

Crypto Mining Game Update V0.99!

Опубликовано на сайте Feb 26, 2018

We have perform the new V0.99 version of Crypto Mining Game! New secure withdraw and new fun features!

We are very happy to present you this update V0.99 which include some fun features and rewrite of the withdraw system.

First of all, concerning the Withdraw system which you are all waiting for:

You need now to link your Faucethub addresses! Once you have link ONE ADDRESS, your account is secure and cannot be withdraw to any wallet which not belongs to your FaucetHub account. For this reason, we strongly recommand you to add any first address right now. This can be done in the Withdraw page.

After that, here are some of the main updates of this V0.99 release :

  • We have upgrade the referral chances for premium user from 0.25% per level to 0.5% per level. It's more chances to get free referral!
  • From 1000 HPower, you can now mine Hpower to increase it!

    From the support modal box, you can now access to your custom support page where you will be able to see your current support and our support answers!

    Energy boost bug has been resolved, at least mitigated,

    You can now have access to Dogecoin Lottery and Litecoin Lottery!! Drawing are at same hour than the Bitcoin Lottery, first one tonight!

    You can now exchange Bitcoin Cash Satoshi

    As our referral system is one of the most powerfull in the web as it's concerned by all currencies earned by referral, we had to reduce it a little from 10 to 8%, but because it's an unlimited level system, it's still awesome!!

We can announce you this next feature for the V1:

  • Mining Crystal: Lack of Crystal, you will be able to mine it for a while,
  • You will be able to get HPower with your balance (finally ^^)!
  • Neverseen awesome system of challenges to earn more and more crypto!!
  • Upgrade of the Gift section with unbelievable gifts!
  • Many other things!

By the way, new powerfull server is coming this week, so website will be very faster than before in a couple of days!

Today we are at more than 60 000 users registered in just 3 months! When 100 000 users will be reached, "surprise"...

Have fun in Crypto Mining Game

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