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Important Update V0.985 + news

Published on Jan 21, 2018

We are happy to announce the V0.985 release. Add of Bictoin Cash mining, withdraw duff, ether and bch satoshi, exchange it... Enjoy!

With this Crypto Mining Game update v0.985, many features have been updated and added!

  • We have finally added the Bitcoin Cash Satoshi mining for premium users
  • You can now withdraw duff (dash satoshi), ether and bitcoin cash satoshi!
  • The withdraw doge minimum has been lowered to 100 doge!
  • We have improve the balance views and added the premium cryptos on its
  • The sort mission bug has been resolved; mission level 14 and 15 will be added soon
  • We have updated the notification system with creation date to help you manage it
  • You will now earn referral 1% of premium users (still 10% for others); it still can be huge for a premium user with high HPower
  • You can now exchange all the cryptos
  • The error pages are more user friendly
  • Speed optimization; website is up to 5% faster

We have also suroptimize our admin panel, as with almost 25 000 users and a lot of data, our admin panel was very slow and it was also because of that than support request was not responded too fast. It will be faster now!

We receive an important amount of UNRECOGNIZED DEPOSIT... It's an awesome lack of time for us, so please prefer to scan the qrcode of deposit payment box, or be very carefull of the amount to send; you can switch to your language to understand more. Unrecognized deposit will be processed after you send us the amount sent and the transaction up to 7 days after. Get Hpower

We will shortly add exciting new features and another way to earn more coin! Like a dedicated forum, or Challenges... ;)

Have fun on Crypto Mining Game!

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