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NFT Pre-Sale issue explained

NFT Pre-Sale issue explained

Опубликовано на сайте Jul 19, 2022

Our apologize regarding the misunderstanding about the Pre-Sale of the NFT Cards.

Dear players. 

Regarding the misunderstanding about the Pre-Sale of the NFT Cards, we have sadly decided to unlist the items from OpenSea. We truly apologize for that.

Indeed, while it was initially planned to put the 10 first NFT cards in the auction with a very low starting price and let the players determine on their free will the price they wanted to put in, we realized that Auction was not allowed on OpenSea through the Polygon Network. 

So we decided to list the NFTs on sale at the highest prices WHILE the Offer System allowed players to choose lower prices. Unfortunately, it has been clearly misunderstood caused to a lack of communication from our side.

Our main intention has always been to provide an easy way to get those first NFTs for players who wanted to and never to overprice them or be greedy in any way. We have made a mistake and a wrong choice on how to proceed and feel sorry for that, again.

Be assured that those 15 first NFTs cards are still willing to be in players' hands. We are still thinking of a better way to distribute them to players in a really more fair way for you as a player and won't miss keeping you posted about that ASAP.

Anyway, the NFT Cards will be claimable in Crypto Mining Game later this week and we will provide additional documentation to help you understand how it works and what it is useful for.

We are always listening to your feedback and want to thank you for your honesty.



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