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Some news about Market Place

Some news about Market Place

Опубликовано на сайте Nov 22, 2019

Hi Guys! Here are some news about the new Market Place System and trade token!

Hi everyone!

As many of you ask about the new Market Place system, I think it was wise to keep you in touch with what have been done and what I plan to do next.

So, concerning the newly "famous" trade token. Trade token has been set for limiting abuse in the market. For now it's certainly clumsy, but it works. I rather prefer a market with small amount, but fair offers, than a market overloaded of scam and ridiculous offers. OK, it's not perfect, but I think its a good start to work with.

I've worked some hours yesterday on something I should have done since a while; start of a moderation system in CMG. Until now, I was moderating EVERYTHING with me and myself. And, like you might know, I don't have the time... I might take it, but during this time, who's gonna improve the game etc etc?

Now, what I've set up allow me to delegate to moderators the possibility to 1) Check the market for unconsistent offers, cancel it and eventually ban the player is necessary. 2) Moderate the ingame support tickets and provide answers to users in a better and faster way. This second point also mean that soon enough, ingame support will be open back to other demands than purchase issues, like bug report, help, etc.

I will also add more way to get trade tokens. The necessity to use something rare to create an offer is a psychological need to have quality offer into the market place. I agree that it might not be necessary for the reverse side - Complete an existing offer - I'm still thinking about it.

Good to know, Current max market place offer you can create is limited to your level / 3 (so 5 at level 15, 6 at level 18, etc...).

Last point, shop offers might be adjusted to a lower price soon. I still need to redesign almost all of its to fit the new design version, as you certainly have noticed.

Have a beautiful day and some fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

Best regards,

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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