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Changes to come in the next 1.10 version : Exchange section rebuild

Published on Jan 16, 2019

Here you can check what will be the next main feature in the website : Exchange will be replaced with a Market Place!

Hi Guys!

So we are currently working on the next main update v1.10 to come soon! And in this update, we are totally rebuilding the Exchange section of the website!

Why changing it ?

Since the beginning, the Exchange section is a very important section of the website. As you can get many Cryptos at same time, it's always interresting to exchange some and get more of another in order to be able to withdraw faster your earnings.

Anyway, with time exchange section has known several difficulties from both side (user and website side). Users has abused of it using it like a trading plateform (what we are definitivally not), bugs has been encountered, blocking users, etc. It's time to change it.

In addition of the problems above, users has notice that :

  • Some users have so many Crystals or Crypto Coinz they don't know what to do with
  • Some users lack of Crystals or Crypto Coinz and want to get it
  • Some users are more interrested in only Cryptos and some other prefer to get cards and chest and ingame elements


Meet the Market Place!

In the Market Place, all users will be able to exchange almost all their ingame stuff; Cryptos, Cards, Chests, Crystals, Crypto Coinz, Game Token...

Also in this way, exchange fees will be considerably reduced, passing from currently 14% to less than 1% (we don't have the exact number yet).

We hope that, thanks to this new feature, users will be more happy to play for what they really want!

New Market Place feature will be released before the end of this month January, 2019! stay tuned!

Have fun Playing Crypto Mining Game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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