Terms of use

Terms of use

CRYPTO MINING GAME has been created to entertain you around Bitcoin and Altcoin. We hope to give you plain satisfaction in the use of it. However, if you encounter something bad, don't hesitate to contact us through our facebook, we will be pleased to answer your demand.


Any account which is suspected of cheating will be immediately removed and banned from the website and all earnings will be lost.

Are considering as cheating :

  • Try to use bot to automatically claim and play the game,
  • Try to force normal behaviour of the website by changing parts of it.
  • Create multiple account to abuse of the referral program
  • Many other behaviours that can be considered as cheating.


By now, withdraw requests are treated manually and will be completed within 72 hours. Any demands before this delay will be considered as abuse.


It seems you use AD BLOCKER, who doesn't?

This faucet game is based and stay alive thanks to the advertising. Please disable AD Blocker and refresh the page in order to be able to play.

CRYPTO MINING GAME thank you for your comprehension and wish you good profit using this game!