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Cheating with bot, episode 2!

Published on Sep 18, 2018

Hi users! We have found many users that still use collector bot under our website, despite our first warning!

We have finally succeed to identify the creator of this "famous" script that allow user to cheat using a bot. Of course, it will be disbable in the next hour.

As this user has the great idea to put his referral link in the website, we have found many users that just never come in the website, just start a bot and go away while they are stoling the website Crypto.

This time it was simple, the users (around 20) can see their balance go down to 0 and their hpower divided by 2. I think we are pretty clement as many faucets would have ban them immediately.

3 users have indeed be banned of CMG:

We see suspicious activity in the user account, ask the user and check if the user is really online? No... So how can he get Crypto?...

To the cheaters; be aware that you will never win to this game, Karma return...

To all the other; Thank you to be among Crypto Mining Game players, we really hope you have fun playing our game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

It seems you use AD BLOCKER, who doesn't?

This faucet game is based and stay alive thanks to the advertising. Please disable AD Blocker and refresh the page in order to be able to play.

CRYPTO MINING GAME thank you for your comprehension and wish you good profit using this game!