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Important update v0.98 - Ethereum mining and Internationalization is on the way!

Important update v0.98 - Ethereum mining and Internationalization is on the way!

Published on Jan 13, 2018

We have perform an important update v0.98. We have introduced Ether mining (Ethereum Satoshi) and start the internationalization of the website!

Happy :)

We are very happy to announce that update as it was wanted for a long time.

As we have so many users all around the world, we want to provide a good user experience to all, and so the internationalization is initialized.

French language is the first to be translated. Will follow Russian and the other languages. It will be made slowly but surely, so don't worry if you don't see all translations yet. ;)

In addition, we have also introduced the Ether mining for premium user and the possibility to exchange Dash and Ether in the exchange section.

We remind you that it's the last 2 days to get extra 5% HPower on deposit of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litcoin and Dash. We will improve and perform the Hpower buying plans in the next weeks.

Wallet still pending

We have under-evaluated the time to refund all the withdraw to wallet request. We are really sorry for that and we assure you that all willl be refunded in the next couples of days.

We are also thinking about a regular payout date to help us manage our time, will keep you in touch with that.

V1 is coming!

We will soon go to V1 with, in main update, a fully operational internal forum where users will be able to discuss about the game or many other crypto-related stuffs!

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