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Merry Christmas

Published on Dec 24, 2017

Crypto Mining Game wish you a Merry Christmas. Check also this news to get more infos about the withdraw's pending.

All the team wish you a Merry Christmas! We will take a break from tonight to 27th, December, to stay with our families.

Concerning the withdraw's still pending, here is the news ;

Good news is that our 2 importants transactions has been confirmed. Bad news is that these was sent to a CoinPot wallet we use for payment. CoinPot has been down for almost 2 days and when it's back today : No bitcoin credited!

We have contacted their support but no response yet... We so have to use another wallet to send the payment. When trying to send BTC, transaction's fees are AWESOME (more than 0.002 btc sometimes...). But we found a solution by using others Wallets more efficient, it just take, again..., time to send coin on its.

We will also get an important amount of DogeCoin in FaucetHub via Bitraffic, but they pay only twice a month, and next payment is 1st, January. So till then, there will be also late on Faucethub payment, but after that, we will be able to complete your withdraw requests really faster than usual.

We think playing transparency with you is the best way to insure you. WE WILL NOT CLOSE EVER. Crypto Mining Game is too important for us to do such a stupid thing.

Of course, each time coins come into Faucethub, we use it instantly to complete the withdraws, order by date.

Anyway :

All pending withdraw to wallet late will be paid on 27th, December.

All pending faucethub to wallet late will be paid from 1st, January, December.

Once again, all the Crypto Mining Game team wish you a Merry Christmas!!

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CRYPTO MINING GAME thank you for your comprehension and wish you good profit using this game!