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Update v1.04! New mission reward system, new game and Collection cards!

Update v1.04! New mission reward system, new game and Collection cards!

Published on Sep 11, 2018

In this major update, we have reviewed the mission reward system, add a new fun game and collection cards system, check the news!

We are really happy to announce this update v1.04 of the Crypto Mining Game!

It has been waited, but we hope that users will be happy to discover the 3 new main features:

  • Now, when you claim a mission, you will get a chest where you can find your rewards; Coins, Crystals and Hpower. For the premium users, the referral is replaced by a random bonus. With this bonus, you can get: Gift ticket, XP, Game token, Crystal, Satoshi, Blockchain explorer boost, Lottery ticket, hpower and... get a collection cards (will talk about it later in this news)!! It's also important to know that we will soon remove the annoying popup on mission page when you open a chest.
  • We have added a new home made fun game called Miner Run! Try to collect the most coins as possible and reach the top of the High Score ranks!
  • Collection cards System! Now when you get a bonus in mission claim, you will be able to collect some awesome designed cards and make them evolved to a higher level! You can check your cards by following the My Cards link, under the Profile menu!

What Collection cards is for??

This collection cards feature is a way for us to announce you that we are working on a brand new original CMG Mobile Game! We can't say more about it right now but this will be really fun! If everything goes well, the game will be released before the end of this year on PlayStore and AppStore!

CMG Youtube Channel

Also, we will soon add a Youtube CMG channel. In this way we will be able to communicate with you in a more human like way and keep you in touch with the project we are working on!

By, the way, we are launching the payouts right now!

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

Jamboom, Crypto Mining Game owner.

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