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Wanna remove the popups? This is an awesome news for you!

Wanna remove the popups? This is an awesome news for you!

Published on Oct 08, 2018

About the Popups, we have taken an important decision that would be an awesome news for you CMG users!

Hi dear users!

We have decided to REMOVE ALL THE RECURRENT POPUPS in the Mining and Missions pages for all the Patreon with Tiers of 2$ and more!

By becomining a Patron of Crypto Mining Game, you can get up to 2 free Gold Chests per week (0 crystal, no timer)!

How to become a Crypto Mining Game Patron?

You can become a CMG Patron by following the simple steps below :

  • Go on Crypto Mining Game Patreon page : https://www.patreon.com/cryptomininggame
  • Choose your Tier in the right of the page (Popup removed from Tier 2 : Small CMG Gamer)
  • Follow the process step to validate the Tier! You are now a Patron of Crypto Mining Game!

Within less than 24 hours, you will receive your first gold chest(s) and if you have choosen the Tier 2 at least, ALL THE RECURRENT POPUPS of Mining and Missions pages will disappear!. The recurrent popups are the ones which appears at each click on the Mining and Missions page.

We truely think that in this way, your user experience in Crypto Mining Game will seriously improved!

Also, don't hesitate to subscribe to our Crypto Mining Game Youtube Channel and stay tuned about the next videos to come! Next one will be released on Thursday!

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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