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Card Balance update & Crypto Mining War TCG Public Beta release!

Card Balance update & Crypto Mining War TCG Public Beta release!

Published on Nov 22, 2021

Dear players! The Trading Card Game Crypto Mining War will soon be available in Beta public! Playing CMW TCG, you will be able to earn Victory Points and Amazing Rewards from your battles!

Crypto Mining War Trading Card Game is in Public Beta!

We are happy to announce that Crypto Mining War - Trading Card Game is now in Public BETA! All CMG players can now access the game and play it!

Be aware that game is still in BETA, meaning that you might still encounter some issues while playing it. If so, please report it in our Discord : - This will be a great help for us to improve the game!

Cards Balance Update!

After 2 months of games and tests, here are some Cards which will be balanced:

- Mining Rig

The Mining Rig card is an excellent way to increase your BTC ressources early game! But it's too strong that player can also use it as a defensive building. HP will then be lowered.

HP 5 -> 4

- AstroGirl

The AstroGirl is without doubt the most powerful card to play. Its ability make her almost invincible against any other card and it's only vulnerable against High-Cost spells. This card need an important Nerf.

COST 4 -> 5
RANGE 3 -> 2

- Exchanger

The ability of the exchanger is amazing when well played! It cost only 4 BTC and, with the correct mechanics, allows player to deploy 8+ BTC cards starting from the 5th turn!

COST 4 -> 5

- Patron

The Patron card is very strong and its range make it even stronger. We need to increase its cost to balance its power.

COST 6 -> 7
SPEED 3 -> 2

Be aware that those Cards Stats will be changed in-game this week and it will impact gameplays in both CMW TCG and Automatic battles in Crypto-World.

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

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