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CMG v2.4 - Goodbye to Coinz Keys, Welcome to the Gems!

CMG v2.4 - Goodbye to Coinz Keys, Welcome to the Gems!

Published on Sep 03, 2021

In the next update of CMG v2.4, everyone say Goodbye to Coinz Keys, Welcome to the Gems! Don't be shy, read this news to find out more ;)

Dear players,

First of all, we hope that you have spent a nice summer, despite the sanitary situation "still" pretty complicated because of Covid-19.

Since a few months that Coinz Keys have been set up in the game, we have noticed a lack of interest in the game, and this for a good reason ; finding those keys were hard and not fun at all. While you were searching for them, you were losing important time of really "playing" the game and that can't last anymore.

That's why we have decided to remove the Coinz Keys from CMG, replacing it by something more easy, fun and "game-like"; the Gems!

How Gems Work?

- Players will have a new game currency: the Gems

- Coinz Keys will be completely removed from the player's inventory and Crypto-World. You own Coinz Keys? No loss! Each player will receive an amount of Gems corresponding to 1 Coinz Key = 200 Gems!

- Every day, 1 000 000 Gems will be automatically distributed to all active players (last activity <= 24H) this way:
1 ---> 20% Equally between all
2 ---> 20% Player's Victory Points compared to total active Victory Points
3 ---> 20% Player's Hpower compared to total active Hpower
4 ---> 20% Player's Energy Boost compared to total active Energy Boost
5 ---> 20% Player's Elite Levels compared to total active Elite Levels

Exemple :

All active players : 5617

The Player JohnDoe will receive for 1 day :
1 - Equally : 1 / 5617 of 200 000 -> 35 GEMS
2 - Victory Points : 8269 / 150129757 of 200 000 -> 11 GEMS
3 - HPower : 7139 / 35288313 of 200 000 -> 40 GEMS
4 - Energy Boost : 200 / 390782 of 200 000 -> 102 GEMS
5 - Elite : 2 / 1178 of 200 000 -> 339 GEMS
Total : 527 GEMS

How to use Gems?

- 2 Gems allow to withdraw 1 Coinz (current minimum and tresholds remain the same)

- 10 000 Gems worth 1$ of purchases in the shop (eg. 2000 Gems -> 100 Airdrop Hunter Cards)

- 10 000 Gems can be converted to 1 CGT

Other ways to get Gems

- Get ranked in the Top 1000 of Crypto Mining War! From each rewarded rank, players get an important amount of Gems!
---> 1st place -> 200 000 Bitz + 400 000 Gems,
---> 2d place -> 150 000 Bitz + 300 000 Gems,
---> 10th place -> 20 000 Bitz + 40 000 Gems,

- Win the Megajackpot and receive X2 Gems (eg. Megajackpot is 19 000 Bitz, so winner will receive 38 000 Gems as well)

- 1% Cashback from shop purchases (eg. 1 pack at 3.90$ or 39000 Litz -> 390 Gems). This is a great addition, like a loyalty card for players who purchase in the shop!

- 1% Cashback from purchases made by your referrals (eg. 1 Premium subscription at 9.90$ -> 990 Gems). this will definitely boost your referral earnings!

- Earn Extra GEMS from OfferWall (coming soon)


By changing this system, we are rising the revenue shared among players from approximately 1563$ to almost 1700$. You as the player will no longer have to seek for anything in order to be able to withdraw your coinz. Just be aware that there's still a necessary control upon this revenue share in order to protect the financial security of our company.

This UPDATE V2.4 will be released during next Monday, 6th September.

One last thing! Just remember that YOU are creating this game with us! We are always listening to your feedback, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts in our Discord (with policy and respect)!

Wish you the best enjoyment playing Crypto Mining Game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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