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Character's Challenges Update

Character's Challenges Update

Published on Feb 06, 2023

We have performed an important update on Character's Challenges to have a more fair Rewards distribution at the end of the season. Find out more.

Dear players,

In order to have a more fair rewards system on Character's challenges, we have preformed an important update.

From now, any player who have completed and claimed all the stages of a Character challenge will be able to participate in a Draw that will occure at the end of each season.

For each Character Challenge and among qualified players, 10 winners will be drawn at random to win 100 CGT. This update gives a chance to any player instead of only rewarding the top 1.

Top 1 is still informatively displayed for fun and for any player who want to have its username displayed as the Number 1 ;)

Anyway, thanks to this update, it's a total of up to 50 players that will win a total of 5000 CGT at the end of each CMW Season!

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!