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Withdrawals suspended - Explanation

Withdrawals suspended - Explanation

Published on Jan 26, 2023

The withdrawals are currently suspended. Know more by reading this news.

Dear players,

Due to an important lack of advertising revenue, we have to take the decision to suspend the withdrawals until further notice. Pending withdrawals will not be cancelled and CMG will not go down. If you feel concerned, please read this news carefuly.

Withdrawals suspended

Mainly because of 2022 World events, we are facing an important reduction of our advertising revenue from Crypto Mining Game. We tried to keep the withdrawal system as long as we can, but nowadays those advertising revenue has been divided by 4 in a year and we have no other choice than disable the withdrawals feature on next season: on 5th, February 2023 at 5PM GMT, it will no longer be possible to withdraw Bitz, Litz, Dogz and Tronz. CGT will continue to be withdrawable as usual.

About pending withdrawals

Pending withdrawals will be put on HOLD status until we are able to recover the financial situation of the company. Depending on revenue feed, we can regularly process some of the pending withdrawals until all will be completed. We ask you to be patient and be assured that not any confirmed withdrawal will be forgotten.

CMG will not go down

Reading "withdrawals suspended", some might scream that CMG will be down soon, this won't happen and CMG will remain online. When ULTERA online will be released in its first version (after Alpha and Beta phase), it will be possible to migrate your CMG account to ULTERA online and receive benefits from your CMG gaming history.

Beside that, your CMG account will stay active and any player will be able to continue to play CMG, regardless if they play ULTERA online or not. Crypto Mining Game will remain online after ULTERA online.

Indeed, ULTERA online is so much more than CMG, so much different, that some of you might prefer to stay on CMG, while others would see ULTERA online as a Brand New Video Game to play.

Valuable assets on CMG

After this update, Coinz and Gems will still be available for in-game purchases and boosts. The most valuable assets in CMG remain to be the CGT (Polygon ERC20) as it allows to claim NFTs and the NFT cards themselves that can be traded on any NFT market place supporting the Polygon Network. Currently, more than 1 ETH has already been traded for CMG NFT Cards.

Also, you can hold your CGT that will be converted to WOHWUR on ULTERA online. ULTERA online is a massive Blockchain MMORPG project and we truly believe that its native token (WOHWUR) will have a great value. We will soon be able to provide many game previews and the release of the Close alpha will certainly help you understand why.

We want to thank you for being so much to play CMG and enjoy its gaming content.