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Important update V0.995 - Withdraw to HPower and more!

Published on Mar 26, 2018

With this important update, we have introduced the capability to withdraw to HPower, which has been asked for a lots!

Now we can take a breath! Even if you don't really see it, this update was a little hard to perform! Here's some details of the new features and improvements :

  • WITHDRAW TO HPOWER: In the Withdraw page, you can now withdraw directly to increase your HPower! This will be converted to HPower into 2 differents plan or contracts; If you have less than 1000 HPower, the contract is a lifetime one. If you have more than 1000 HPower the contract is a 1 year contract (only for withdraw and deposit). The important for our users is to have a really really fair game which will NEVER turn into scam and that users can really earn some fun crypto! You can see your current contracts in your Dashboard page. After reaching 1000 HPower, it will never be less.
  • For this same reason, we have limited HPower by deposit to max 2500. We have made all the necessary calculations to be sure to ALWAYS pay you back without any trouble triggered by an uncontrolled ponzi scheme. We know some users was thinking about it and we want to reassure them about that; done!
  • We have fix the referral bug for premium user. Now, you will see the roll for crystal and referral. If you have 50% chance to find crystal, then if you roll less or equal to 50, you find!, same for the referral! In addition, we have double the chance to find referrals!
  • We have also optimize our notification process. The point is the some thousand of users, the past system was just perfect but now that we have dozens of thousands, ouch it was not good at all and trigger bug (like loosing energy, coins, ...). Same for our stat system review for better performances.
  • Email confirmation for new user; We have also updated our register system as it's now neeeded to confirm your account by clicking an email. We will shortly ask all users to confirm their email to be able to withdraw. This way, we almost totally avoid any possible hack attempts for our users account. Security is our best priority.

Withdraw to HPower was really a major Update for the site! We are close to the V1, waiting some staying bug to resolve, but here are the features which will be implemented before and when the V1 come:

  • Gift section and Gift card to ... Surprise!
  • Homemade fun crypto-related game... Surprise!
  • Mine Crystals and referrals!
  • Premium personal page!
  • Challenges... Surprise!

You see, still lot of work to do! And it won't stop after that. We will also launch very soon a Referral challenge to celebrate the first 100 000 users! For that, we will simple reward 10 users 100 000 satoshi ^^

Stay in touch and have fun in Crypto Mining Game!

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