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More Chests and Rewards! Exchange, Refill and Antibot system! Check the update!

More Chests and Rewards! Exchange, Refill and Antibot system! Check the update!

Published on May 15, 2019

We have performed some minor improvments in the Game. Find more chests in missions, Mega Jackpot rise, New antibot and Refill Energy system and exchange coming back soon!

Some Great News!

Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well! Here you can check some improvements we have made to the game :

Chances to fins chests in mission improved

Before : 1% per mission level

NOW: 2% per mission level for normal users, 3% per mission level for premium users, 5% per level for Patrons! Find awesomely more chests!

A little reminder, to be patron, it's this way -> ;)

MegaJackpot Rise!

The Megajackpot has rise of around 25%!

New Refill energy and Antibot Check system

We are aware that the antibot and refill energy links might be quite "annoying" and sometime really "terrible". It's hard to find great services of this kind who accept Faucet game. This way, we have decided to create our own! is the property of Crypto Mining Game and we want to provide a great service. You can use it to prove you are not a bot and refill energy, and learn some news about Cryptos in the same time! Bitcoin n' Co parse all the web to find all the last news about Crypto! We will update and improve this plateform time after time to make it better and more interresting for all crypto enthousiastic and CMG gamers!

New Exchange system coming soon

No more to say! Finally, New exchange system is coming next week, Release date will be between the 21 and 23 of May!

Bitcoin has incredibly rise these last days! It's the good time to get some coins while having fun playing games, don't you think?!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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