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Questions and answers about CMG V2

Questions and answers about CMG V2

Published on Aug 02, 2019

Dear players, here you can find answers to 2 interesting questions asked by one of our CMG player! Hope it will help you understand better what will change in V2!

Hi Guys, how's it going?!

So I've got some interesting questions about one player yesterday, and I thought it would be great to share it with you, hoping it will help you understand better some changes that will occur in Crypto Mining Game V2:


«Hey Jamboom,
I've got two questions about the upcoming v2 update. Just to clarify for myself the changes.
1 -> As first you said in an update (07-23) that all Hpower plans will be refunded, which is above 1000. So does that mean the Hpower will be capped at 1000? Because later (same update note) you said that we will be able to mine currencies with up to 1000 Hpower. Hence my conclusion that it won't be possible anymore to have a higher Hpower value than 1000.
2 -> In your 2nd update (07-26) you said that we will be able to do PvP. Will we be able to gang up on players and attack them as much as we want? How much resources can we steal from them, is it a percentage from their total value? How often are we able to attack the same person several times?
I have the feeling, if this is possible, it would be a huge disappointment for a lot of players; because no one likes it to get farmed.
Thanks and I am looking forward to hear from you.
Kind regards and have a nice day.»


Hi ************,
Here you have some very interesting questions I'm pleased to answer :

1 ->

Good to know that you have understood that because it's wrong XD. If you do, so I guess others will do too, I might clarify this in a next news.
1 year plan for Hpower is here to regulate players earnings. Of course we have to do so because, as CMG is a game and not an investment platform, CMG revenue is limited, so amount of revenue share to the players too. But seeing hpower removed from your account can be frustrating...

In CMG V2, once you get Hpower, you will never lose it. So Hpower that has been previously removed from player's balance will be recredited.
In the same time, Hpower will still be usefull for mining. Until 1000 for traditional crypto-currencies, then all hpower will be used for mining Crypto Mining Game ERC20 token (based on Ethereum network). This token will be usefull for ingame purchase, withdrawable and many other purposes, I'm currently working on partnerships for that.
For exemple, if you have 5000 Hpower, 1000 Hpower will be used to mine btc, doge, ltc, dash, ether or bch. At the same time, your whole 5000 Hpower will be used to mine Crypto Mining Game Token.

2 ->

Yer, I am introducing PvP (Player versus Player) in cmg V2, can't find a better word ;)
Of course, I'm aware that this kind of game behaviour can be dangerous to implement, so, here are some precisions...

  • You will be able to attack a player thanks to your card's deck (buildable in the "My Cards" page),
  • The number of time you can attack a same player will be limited. Also the number of time you can be attacked by other players will be limited.
  • Game rules and strategy will be explained, but in simple words, both of your deck and the opponent's one will programmatically fight each other to attempt to destroy the opponent's Mining pool. Battle will lead to victory, draw or loose:
    • In case of draw, nothing happens,
    • In case of victory, you will be able to steal a "small" amount of ingame stuff. Amounts calculation are not yet defined, but it will be very "symbolic" not to disappoint attacked players. The most important is that you will also get victory points for you and your VMP (Virtual Mining Pool). Total of your victory points will lead you to a rank, same for the victory points of VMP. After a certain regular period, best players and best VMPs will be rewarded with Cryptos and ingame stuff.
    • In case of loose, winner opponent will get some victory points for him and his team (VMP).
  • You will get a battle report where you will be able to see graphically how the battle went (Seeing cards moving in the battlefield, etc.).
  • You will be able to find "shield" in the Crypto-world (new mission system) that will protect you from attacks for a certain time, also put your account in vacation mode, not being able to interact with the crypto-world and being attacked in the same time.
  • In a second time and among others, I will:
    • Program the ability to attack a VMP helped by your team (your VMP members),
    • Introducing PVE with non player enemies in the Crypto-world you might attack with your card's deck to get rewards.

Hope I have answered to most of your interrogations. If you don't mind, I will share this answer in CMG news, I think other players will be interesting in that.

Have a very nice day and enjoy the game,


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