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Priority of Withdrawal set up for the Patrons

Priority of Withdrawal set up for the Patrons

Published on Sep 25, 2019

Dear users, we are trying to recover our late on withdrawals, and we are always detecting users cheating and abuse of CMG game system. So we have decided to set a priority of withdrawals for the patrons. Please check the news.

Hi dear players,

Everything is on the resumé. As withdraw requests has incredibly increased, we are finding more and more cheats and abuses while controlling the withdrawal requests.

This kind of cheat users are not welcomed on CMG Games. They don't give a sh$t of the game, their only interest is to steal crypto-currencies by any way, including bot usages and stealing you, other users (who don't know the currencies rate on the Market place, for example...)

All of you "players" are important and make the game funnier and attractive, all of you "players" make us being able to improve the game day after day.

But it's because patrons are financially supporting CMG Network projects that it might looks fair to give them the priority on payouts.

Be aware that does not mean that if you are not patron, you will not receive your withdrawal. This only means that patrons will receive it faster.

Now you can see in the bottom of the withdraw page, for each last payouts, if it's a Patron's one or not. Hope this will help you to stay confident on the process.

Please don't be forced to be a CMG patron

Once again: This measure does not me that you will receive payout only if you are patron. Also it's not a way to force you becoming a CMG patron. At first, not everyone can be patron. Secondly and most important, Patrons are "players" who decide to support our projects on their own will because they like it, and we don't want that to be different. CMG V2 will help handle this withdrawal problem and late will soon be recovered.

If needed, you can check our patreon page following this link : Crypto Mining Game Patreon page. You will also find some great news about CMG V2 developments, among others.

More news and videos will come very soon about CMG V2.

Thanks a lot for your attention! I wish you a great day and enjoyment in the game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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