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CMG V2 - Previews and explanations - Part 1

CMG V2 - Previews and explanations - Part 1

Published on Oct 05, 2019

Hi Guys! Here is the first part of Crypto Mining Game V2 previews with explanations! Be prepared for the V2 - Update is coming on 29th, October 2019

Hi Guys! As I am still working hard on Crypto Mining Game Version 2 Update, it's important to keep you in touch with the new features to come. Here is the first part of the previews and explanations!

Explore the Crypto World!

Explore the Crypto-World

Crypto World is the main feature of CMG V2! Your "Miner" Character will be displayed randomly on the Crypto-World, an huge, big map made of cities, villages, desert areas and more!

Energies will be multiplied by 10! So you will have 10X more energies to use and it will be so much more fun! Started from CMG V2, your total energies will be 10 X your level (ex. 180 at level 18) and you will get 10 more energies every 10 minutes + 10 more you will still be able to get with short links!

In this world, you will be able to do so, so many things!

  • Send your drones to explore the crypto-world and do a lot of kind of missions; Cryptocurrencies, Crystals, CryptoCoinz, Cards, Chests, Ingame inventories like Mining Boost, Game and Trade Token, and so many more!
  • Send your drones to spy other players! Attack other players to get Victory points and more! Fight between players will be strictly ruled depending on user level and time limited.
  • Send resources to other players in the map!
  • Special events and many other things!

Crypto-Jobs and Crypto-Skills

Do your Crypto-Jobs Improve your Skills

Make fun Jobs thanks to your Skills and earn Crystals, CryptoCoinz and Crypto-currencies! You will be able to make jobs during the time you want! Come back and ask for your job to be paid! Get awesome bonus and be careful not to be scammed by your bosses and customers! Each chances are displayed in the Job page and you will be able to check the Roll that will determine your Bonus!

Max amount of energies you will be able to use will depends on your level!

New Messages System

New Messages System

In Crypto Mining Game version 2, you will have access to a new messages system. In your mailbox, you will get all your messages about everything happen in the game; World mission's report, battle and spy report, Communications between players and VMP, informations about CMG and support.

You will be able to send messages between each others. VMP leader will be able to send messages to all the VMP's members, and so many more possibilities!

Customize your Avatar!

New Avatar

Premium and Elite member will be able to customize their Avatar that will be displayed in the Crypto-World and else where! A simple but needed feature linked to the new Crypto-World feature!

In the next episode...

In the next episode, You will be able to get previews and explanations about Some User experience details, the Battle System and new Mining System! How to spy other players, how to attack them and make the best strategy with your cards! Stay Tuned

CMG V2 update and more

Crypto Mining Game Version 2 Update is scheduled for 29th, October 2019! Update might take between 6 and 48 hours. When it comes, you will see a temporary page with status of the update + I will communicate about it in Discord and Twitter, don't hesitate to subscribe! ;) Thank you for your patience and understanding! I know website might look not to move on because there has not been any update since a while, but it's for the good cause! ;)

I put all my heart on this and really hope you will enjoy it! Crypto Mining Game is created for fun, entertainement and happy way to get some some Crypto while playing, having fun and entertaining!

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