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Some News about CMG and CMW!

Published on Dec 06, 2018

Check out this important news about Crypto Mining Game and Crypto Mining War!

Hi everyone!

As we are working hard on the Crypto Mining War MOBA Game, it has been a long time we have not publish any news on the Website.

About Crypto Mining Game

Crypto Mining Game website seems to work pretty well since a few times, even if it remains some minor bugs to fix. As we are working hard one the Crypto Mining War MOBA game linked to it, these will be fixed after the BETA release of CMW Game.

Payouts are still regularly processed without issue. Despite the important Bitcoin price drop of these past weeks, Crypto Mining Game stay very stable and you really don't have to worry about it, that's a great news!

About Crypto Mining War MOBA Game

We really think that Crypto Mining War MOBA Game will be an awesome game and that's why we are giving it almost all our time! Below you can see some game element we share to show you that the project is moving on!

The Hacker

Hacker animation Crypto Mining War MOBA Game

The Neutrino unit

Neutrino animation Crypto Mining War MOBA Game

You can also check many other elements like the other cards stats, other animations, etc. in our Patreon Page

How to earn Satoshi with Crypto Mining War

When Crypto Mining War will be released

We still can't give an exact date for the release. First it will be in BETA test for the Patrons as we can fix all the issue and bug that can occurs. Anyway, one thing is now certain :

Crypto Mining War will be directly a Desktop and Mobile game, without going through a Web brower version, and that's a very good news!.

Why that?

After our technical process, we have figure out that the best to do is to focus on the Desktop and Mobile version. This way, game will be released faster. If it might have been a web browser, this should have been very poor in details and gameplay. By directly creating the game from scratch for Desktop and Mobile, we can immediately release a fully operationable Game that will be very fun!!

KickStarter project is coming!

To accelerate the development of Crypto Mining War MOBA game, we have deceided to launch very soon a kickStarter project. Into it, we will explain in details the game purpose, how we create it and why we think it's a really great asset in the crypto-game universe! Users will be able to participate on it and get some very good starter pack in the game once it will be officially released

I know it's an important news, so thanks to all that have read it till the end!

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game(War), that was jamboom, the website owner!

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