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Soon in V2.3 - Withdraw system update and more

Soon in V2.3 - Withdraw system update and more

Published on May 07, 2021

Dear players, the V2.3 is coming, rework of the Withdraw system and more features! Please check the news to stay tuned!

Dear players,

More than 2 months ago we had released an important update of the Withdrawal System. This update, required by the Cryptocurrencies Bullrun, managed to handle and secure the funds of the company while keeping the possibility for players to cashback their favorite cryptos.

Withdraw System Rework

After 2 months, we admit that this system was not a good choice as it leaded many players to frustration every week while confidence in the game was impacted... By the way, you can now check on the Withdraw page the last payouts processed in order to reassure you we are still paying our players.

Here are those changes which will be effective on next Monday, 10th May 2021 - 0:00 GMT time :

1. Every Week, 300 Coinz Keys will be dropped at random on the Crypto-World. Each Coinz Key allow the player to withdraw 10000 of any Coinz. This represent 300$ of revenue share every week! (previously was 255$). According Funds will be secured every week regardless the number of withdrawal requests in order to avoid any issue.

2. In order to avoid Farming behaviour, Maximum Coinz Keys amount per player will be set to 50, corresponding to the maximum withdrawal possibility.

3. Current "Coin per Week" system will remain the same. Anyway, there will no longer be any refund from Withdraw request, except if the provided currency address is wrong. This means a player can stack as many Coinz key as he wants in order to request a bigger Withdraw when he decide to.

Other Amazing Features!

In a second time, new amazing features will be added to the game. This second step of the V2.3 update will be performed between monday, 10th May 2021 and Thursday, 20th May 2021 :

- Teleport Station will be added to the Crypto-World! A player will be able to use the Teleport station to instantly travel to any other Teleport Station in the Crypto-World. This will cost Crystals, amount depending on the distance. There will be 5 Teleport stations : one around the center, and 4 others at the center of each quarter (center of a quarter, not corner). For the Record, Buildings are already set, you can try to find them for fun if you want to ;)

- Workshop section will be upgraded with the possibility to craft items! Players will be able to craft : Teleportation device (5 levels, one-time use) -> Allow the player to teleport on the Crypto-World, range depending on the device level and Scanner (5 levels, one-time use) -> Allow players to scan the Crypto-World around him for all or specific kind of mission, range depending on the device level.

We will continue to keep you in touch with everything through our Discord and our Twitter, please kindly subscribe in order to get the last news on time ;)

Have a wonderful day!

Jamboom, CMG owner.