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Published on Dec 28, 2017

New update v0.95. Premium feature, mining rate improvements and many bug fixes.

Between Christmas and New year, we have succeed to made some improvements and updates.

First of all and the most important; the premium feature.

Any user who have reach 1000 HPower become automatically a premium user. At this state, user will benefits of many features to come, with some already implemented. You can check the premium page under menu profile. You can send us support message if you would like some features in particular. And so REALLY IMPORTANT: Premium user can earn referrals by doing missions, Hell Yer!

Still for premium user, we are working on adding the possibility to get HPower by deposit and also... Mine other Crypto like Dash and bitcoin cash!

Also, we had to check the ad blocker as we really lose too much ad benefits from all the users whose use adblock and others. The advertising is what make this website live and we are sure you will understand that. By the way, everybody wants CRYPTO MINING GAME stay and live for long long time, isn't it? ;)

We have removed the HPower boost and replace it with a Crystal Boost. We tought that it's better to earn HPower in missions only, as it's more interest in doing mission. In addition, Crystals is important to mine, so it's logical to be able to get more.

V1 is near. PASSWORD RESET will be implemented in this next update, between other things.


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