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V1 Release! Bitcore, Potcoin and Peercoin withdraw + Gift section is back!

Published on May 15, 2018

We are so happy to announce you that our website is finally in V1 release candidate! Gift section is back too! Check the news!

Finally V1 is out!

It was not very much more than before, but we think that now game is pretty ready to next level. By this update, here are the features :

  • We have added the Crypto prices at the top of the website. This way you can see the value of each crypto in USD base. Don't forget that most of earnings are indexed in the crypto USD price ;)
  • You can now exchange and withdraw Bitcore, Potcoin and Peercoin!
  • Referral earnings are now updated once per day (before was every 2h). This generated important bug, so we have decided to update it once per day to avoid any further issues.
  • Finally and most important, we have enable back the Gift section! You can now use satoshi and Crystals to try to win some fun and awesome gifts!
Go to the gift section!

By the way, some quick users have bought tickets on 3 new Gifts: 3 in 1 32Gb USB drive, Gaming Headset SADES, Gamin Mouse 1000/2000DPI. Because of a bug, tickets has not been recorded correctly. If you've seen that your ticket are lost, please contact us through the support, we will check and add it for you. It concerns around 10 tickets.

Right now we will work this end of week on the support pending, once again (around 1000 these past 3 weeks). Once it's clear, we will work one the 100K user surprise!

We hope you will enjoy playing Crypto Mining Game and also the new features to come!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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