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Thunder Card

Click the card to Zoom!

Except for its cost, instructions written on the card is only used for the board game. Check the web/mobile game stats for other purpose.

What's the Thunder?

The Thunder is an awesome Spell that will hit every enemies on the ground in an explosive storm!

Ingame Bonus

Increase the mining rate! - 1.00% per level!

Web / Mobile Game Stats

Ground + Air

Thunder, the Background Story

The Thunder is an awesome spell that will hit every enemy on the ground in an explosive storm!

The Thunder is basically just that, a Thunder. 

Born in dark skies under the biggest storm Earth had witnessed and it was so powerful that it stayed in the air, not exactly alive, just there. 

Just a few, with pure hearts know how to cast it properly and have studied a lot to learn how to use it better. If you are not pure of heart, don’t even attempt to call it, it will burn you from the inside out!


Electrify anything, destroy everything and smash something.

Favorite crypto-currency

Thunder Token (TT) because it is the fastest, most reliable, ether-based technology for transactions, through the Thunderella platform and the PaLa network, calling it the Paella, the best rice plate from Valencia, Spain.

Favorite hobbies

Haggling, fried-rice and tickling.

Favorite phrase

"Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."

Sir Terry Pratchett

Story of Thunder

Game Tricks

Ready to learn game tricks around the Thunder Card? Coming soon!

In real life, what's Thunder

A thunder is just basically an exchange of protons and electrons from the cloud into the Earth.


The clouds that create thunders, usually have tiny pieces of ice jumping around and because of this friction, the positive particles, or protons, go to the top of the cloud and the electrons or negative particles go to the bottom. Whenever there is a pole or something in Earth to make the electron, or electric discharge, it basically sends all the electrons into Earth through a tower, a tree, a metal pole or even a person as a huge thunder.


Just after the thunder hits the Earth, the air around it heats up all the way to 30,000 degrees and starts expanding but the air around it is cold so it makes the hot air collapse and that is what causes the sound of a thunder. And you usually hear it far away, want to know how far away?


To know how far away the thunder hit, you have to count how many seconds go from the lightning effect to the sound and then multiply that by 340 and you will have the distance in meters from where the Thunder hit the Earth.


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