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Very Important news about Cheating!

Published on Jun 27, 2018

After many investigation, we've discovered that many users are cheating with bot and direct link use. Here is what we will do for it!

What? Cheating on Crypto Mining Game?

It was really strange to see our stats radically change since the last couple of weeks but here's why, in 2 cases:

  • 1. Many of our users are using direct link strategy.
  • 2. Many of the users are using bots like Faucet Collector to mine and do missions!

How they cheat on Crypto Mining Game?

For the first category (direct link), scenario is usually the same. The purpose is to reach 1000 hpower as fast as possible without the annoying of the popup in the mission page. For that, we can truly understand, even if it's an awesome lack of earnings for the website. So users just have copied the link "/do-missions/1", and 2 and 3, and just turn over with it, passing the antibot everytime it is needed. Once again, considering that the popups on mission page appears "every time", we can truly understand that behavior, and it's sure that we have so our part of responsibilities, sorry for that...

For the second case of bot, here's different. User are not even playing the game, this is just a f$3#ing bot doing it for then, logging in, automatically clicking on the mining and mission button. WE JUST DON'T TOLERATE THIS AT ALL.

What are we going to do?

We have now enough stats to know for every user who is cheating ans who is not. For most of them, we will check and:

  • 1. If the user is in the first case, he won't be punished in any way. Anyway, direct link will not be working soon, bu we will replace the popup in the mission page by one which will be less annoying.
  • 2. If the user is in the second case, user will not be banned, but all it's balance will be cleared and its Hpower reduced to the half! Hope they will see it like a favor, because this situation has really pissed us off and we was at only one point (but we won't) to ban all users concerned (around 10K) without any warnings.

Special message to FaucetCollector script owner named Jaypwr:
"Let us tell you that you will have a lot of work to do because every time you will rewrite the script, we will be here to rewrite our own website code to avoid it. You can try and try, it will never work more than a couple of hours. In addition, we just know your username in our website, because you use almost the same one as in FaucetCollector."

About Marcello and cristian users, you should not post comment in that kind of website if you want to cheat discreetly in our faucet game...

Please keep in mind that this kind of cheat usage just kill down faucets and this is totally not possible.

We wish you to have fun in Crypto Mining Game and that's no easy, but we are doing our best to enjoy you as faucet user.

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game

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