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What come next for CMG and CMW

Published on Mar 04, 2019

Hi Guys, Just want to share with you what will come for Crypto Mining Game and Crypto Mining War for the next couple of months

Hi everyone!

About Crypto Mining Game

These past 3 weeks was very hard for us but it seems to be better today. We have gone through several important DDOS attacks that has slow down the website. Today, it's really better:

  • We have perform several security upgrade in the server.
  • We have ban hundreds of corrupted IP.
  • Webserver performances has been upgraded to higher ones

About Crypto Mining War

It's a fact today that the Crowdfunding project has not worked. We are now ok with that and it's not catastrofic at all. Things will just take longer than expected to get all the designs required for the game.

SO. About Crypto Mining War, we have decided to realease a light version of the Game Crypto Mining War very soon. It will be playable online directly in the Website. The reason why we do that is because we know that many users are waiting for the game for a while, collecting the cards, etc. And it's really fair to provide you a game where you can play with the cards.

So this light version will be kind of different of the final game still under development, but it will be fun, multiplayer, and you will be able to make some cryptos with it!

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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